If four were six and thirteen eleven, home prices would be higher in Markham and Waterloo

13City officials in Markham are trying to stop the surge in requests to change street addresses to luckier numbers. It all began in the spring when a realtor requested a home at #4 Dancer Drive in Markham, be changed to #2 in order to appeal to buyers in the largely Asian neighborhood who see four as unlucky.

According to Chinese beliefs, the word for “four” sounds like the word for “death,” which make many Chinese homebuyers apprehensive about buying. The idea caught on with more sellers following suit with their homes and condos too.

Realtors are saying that a “four” address can translate to a price reduction of as much as $30,000. I wonder if we’ve got the same experiences with #13 and western apprehensions. I would guess, to some degree, “yes”.

Would you buy a house at #13?

I wouldn’t, but I’m very superstitious. I lived in Asia for ten years so I’m bi-culturally superstitious. Which reminds me, if you’d like to know something about feng shui, please read this – Eleven feng shui tips for your home.

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