5 reasons to work with a licensed Realtor when selling your house


5 reasons to work with a licensed Realtor when selling your house isn’t about the commission. As I’ve argued in other posts, the commission you save by not using a Realtor is often much less than you’ve calculated. In fact, someone related a story to me last week about how their parents undersold their Woodstock home a few years ago because they didn’t know that the prices had risen so much – it cost them money to not use a Realtor.

Private sellers continue to make up around 10% of the market and many of them know what they are doing. This post is about what Realtors do.

5 reasons to work with a licensed Realtor when selling your house:

1) MLS. Multiple listing service is the most powerful and comprehensive database for properties for sale in Canada. Maximum exposure for your house to get the best price is what you are getting when you list with MLS.

2) Service. Many people don’t realize all the little (and big) details that need to be done to sell a home. I could try to list them here and I would miss a bunch but they would include all the preparation, the paperwork, the lawyers, the advertising, the viewings and open houses, negotiations, preparation, the general running around…

3) Third-party negotiators. Unfortunately, many sales break down over little inconsequential things (like: “they want the curtains!”). Realtors act as filters between the parties, keeping things on track as best we can.

4) Professional advice. A successful sale is a series of tasks completed in order and on time. If something unusual occurs, if something unexpected happens you need the professional advice close at hand so you can keep the deal alive. It can be very complex and we are dealing with your most valuable asset. But we do this all the time. We know what to look for. We know where to find the answers. We understand the contracts and all the paperwork.

5) A quicker sale, a higher price, or both. We see lots of houses, we have lots of comparables. We help get your house in its most attractive condition and determine the best price. There is a job to be done. A Realtor’s job is to get it done.

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