What does a hot button birdfeeder have to do with buying a home in Kitchener Waterloo or Elmira?

hot buttonYesterday, my pal Todd Cowan related a story to me that happened in his birdfeeder shop in Elmira – Martha’s Mixes. The previous evening, a man had rushed into his shop just before closing time needing, wanting immediately to buy a birdfeeder (and seed). Bird watchers can be very passionate about birds, but the urgency that this customer displayed was beyond the most ardent and Todd had to ask “Why?”

Story goes that the man was selling his house and the buyers were on their way over. He had heard that the potential buyers were “birders” and was doing everything he could to push that emotional hot button.

I’m currently selling a house in west Galt. It’s a beautiful old house, built in 1862. Although it’s gorgeous, has wonderful curb appeal, and is in a great location, we know its not going to appeal to the majority of homebuyers. It’s too unique. But just like my home sellers bought it ten or twelve years ago, some lucky couple will walk in and fall in love with the high ceilings and thick window ledges. They’ll have to have it.

Why? There will be something that elicits a strong emotional response – a hot button. Perhaps, just like the birdfeeder in a nice Elmira backyard, or a large living room with big bay windows, or an antique bathtub.

What does all this mean to people buying or selling real estate?

For home sellers, think of all the features your home has and how the next owner will benefit from having them. Accentuate them if you can.

For homebuyers, be certain about what you want and why, so you don’t get your hot button pushed.

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