What’s a tree lawn? What does it have to do with the weather today in Waterloo Region?

tree lawnA tree lawn, also called a sidewalk buffer, parkway, verge, boulevard, nature strip, tree belt, utility strip, planting strip, hell strip, inferno strip, devil’s strip, city grass, and berm, is the strip of grass between your sidewalk and the street. The city owns it but you have to cut the grass on it.

I was wondering what to call it because I was thinking of winter and all the snow that gets piled up on it.

It’s like summer again today, and all this week in Waterloo Region. After correctly predicting a hot dry summer and an apparent early Indian summer, the accuweather long range forecast seems to be, well ah, accurate.

Looking ahead then, fall will be warmer, longer and wetter than normal, and although winter will start later, it will go on longer (into April) and be colder than normal. The big storms will be in March. The snow will be high on the tree lawn then.

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