City of Kitchener information about homes and population – 59% of us live in single detached homes. 27% condos or apartments

city of kitchenerBeing a realtor, demographic information is very interesting to me. I’m always meeting new people and I often wonder about our community, how it all fits together.

The City of Kitchener published, on its new website, some data I found to be not boring.  Here are some of the highlights:

By the year 2021 we will have 30% more people living here than in 2001. By the year 2031, we’ll have almost 50% more!

Where do we live?

59% live in single detached homes

27% live in apartments or condos

7% live in semi-detached homes

3% live in townhouses

2% live in duplexes.

1% lives in a shelter

1% lives in some other types of dwelling, (maybe a trailer or a yurt).

There’s more info about transportation and education, etcetera on the City of Kitchener website.

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