Kitchener Waterloo dry cleaning disputes

hangerA few weeks ago, I took three pairs of pants and a suit jacket to the Newtex Drycleaner’s on King Street. I’ve been going there for years. It’s the closest one to my home in Uptown Waterloo. When I went back a couple days later, to pick up my clothes, I presented a coupon that I had cut out of the Waterloo Region Record the day before.

“You have to present that when you drop off your clothes”, the lady said. “I can’t accept it now”. She directed my eyes to a notice behind the counter that said the same thing.

“But I didn’t notice the sign”, I said, “I’ve been coming here for years”

We argued a little more, back and forth. The conversation ended with her saying “It our policy” and me vowing never to return.

I lost the battle but Newtex lost a customer.

There is a bigger dry cleaning battle going on in town and again it’s the customers that are suffering. The landlord of Jessop’s Speedy Cleaners locked the doors six months ago because the dry cleaner was behind in the rent. Since February, the customers haven’t been able to get their clothes back because the dry cleaner can’t get into the store. The landlord can’t return the clothes because they are not his to return. And the customers are powerless to do anything. Legal action ensues.

I know it s tough being a landlord; you want your tenant to pay the rent, but there has got to be a better way. At this rate, by the time the customers get their clothes back, they’ll be out of style, they won’t fit, and the coupons will have expired.

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