Keith Marshall talks about 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo

365 things to do in Kitchener WaterlooLast week, 570 News interviewed me about a little facebook page I created called 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo. I had a lot of visitors this summer and when I was thinking about things to do around Waterloo Region to keep everyone entertained, I realized that there was so much to do and so much of it I hadn’t done myself. That’s how it started.

I like lists.

So, I started a list of things I wanted to do, things like: eat at Harmony Lunch or visit Woodside – the childhood home of Mackenzie King. I quickly realized this list was too good not to share.

The radio interview went well, two friends (Rick and Bruno) both said they heard it and other people I know, knew it was on and have asked me about it.

More importantly, a lot of people I don’t know heard it and have told their friends. This means 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo grows stronger and more popular everyday.

Gary Doyle at 570 News didn’t ask me what I was hoping to accomplish with 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo. So I’ll tell you, what’s happening now is great. Facebook friends are giving suggestions about things to do in KW. Things like:

Burlesque night at the Registry Theatre

The Serbian Food Festival

Attempting the massive Cheeseburger at Puslinch Marina.

Those were the last three things to do in KW, and they were all from new people who like the page. Keep them coming. It’s our page now.

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