The science behind pricing a house correctly

for saleI was talking with my friend Jane the other day. The thing I like about real estate is that everyone can relate to it and some people have a story to tell. Jane’s no different. She told me when she sold her mother’s house a few years ago, the agent came in and said something like, “I will sell it for this much. That’s what it’s worth”

Jane took him at face value, he’s a recognized agent around her neighborhood and she trusted his opinion. And then the house sold within two weeks.

She told me that she felt that the house wasn’t priced right. She felt that the agent priced it too low for a quick sale and an easy commission. She could be right. She might be wrong. Every house is different. The market sometimes doesn’t behave as it should.

Here’s some advice. Before you list your house for sale, take the time to go over the comparables currently for sale and sold recently in your neighborhood. That’s what the buyers are going to do and so should you.

And try to be objective.

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