Ten things about Kitchener Waterloo you might not know

365 things to do in Kitchener WaterlooKitchener Waterloo Cambridge comprises the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada and the 5th largest in Ontario. The population is about 450,000.

Herbert Kitchener was the UK’s Secretary of State of War. Kitchener was known as Berlin until 1916.

Weber Street and King Street run parallel streets that cross four times

Waterloo was named the Top Intelligent Community in 2007

Kitchener is the largest city within the Grand River watershed.

Kitchener was the first city to launch the “blue box” recycling program. That was in 1981.

Kitchener is one of the few places in Ontario where settlers arrived before government surveyors. That explains why our roads aren’t exactly grid pattern.

Uptown is Waterloo. Downtown is Kitchener. This is a relatively new distinction.

The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957. There are about 30,000 students. Wilfred Laurier University was founded as Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in 1911. About 12,000 students attend.

Beaver University was among the proposed names for Wilfred Laurier University when it changed its name in 1973 (from Waterloo Lutheran University)

There are a lot more than 365 things to do in Kichener Waterloo.


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