Shipping container homes have become a global trend

shipping container homeThey are built to withstand the forces of nature. They are easily transportable, easily convertible and readily available. Shipping containers homes have become a global trend. New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, China and other parts of Europe and the West Indies all have homes, offices, showrooms, student dorms, emergency shelters and even hotels made from containers.

Shipping containers are an economic way to provide housing and office space not only in less developed nations but in hard to reach and temporary locations and they are eco-friendly. They are considered to be a terrific way of recycling and of saving resources like lumber and steel. Melting down an 8000-pound container so that it can be reused for steel beams takes about 8000 kwh of energy, whereas converting to another use takes a fraction of the energy.

A 10-foot wide by 40-foot long container can be bought from a shipping company for less than $15,000. They are made from extra thick steel and lined with heavy-duty plywood. There are a number of “home-kits” available through several international companies to help you convert your container into a comfortable home.

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