Eco-taxing my sunblock – I get an email from Tim Hudak, MPP

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Eco-taxing my sunblock

Yesterday I got an email from Tim Hudak, MPP Leader, Ontario PC Party. It was in regard to the new eco-fee that caught me (many of us) by surprise. I wrote about it the other day.

He calls it a “punishing eco-tax” (which it is) and he blames Dalton McGuinty for sneaking it in unannounced over the long weekend (which he did) and he goes on to talk about other McGuinty dastardly deeds like a Health Tax, of course the HST, the price of prescription drugs, electricity, funerals and gas.

Tim Hudak wants to be the next Premier of Ontario.

It was a good letter, have a read. He ruined it at the end though, in my opinion, by asking for a $25 donation for the cause.


Dear Friend:

Today at Queen’s Park, I announced that as Premier, I will repeal Dalton McGuinty’s latest tax grab – the eco-tax – which has been slapped on over 10,000 household items.

You may not have heard about this latest assault on your wallet because while you were enjoying Canada Day festivities with friends and family, Dalton McGuinty used that opportunity to sneak in his punishing eco-tax.

The so-called eco-fees are a new tax on over 10,000 household products, including prescription medications, bath toys, sunblock, laundry detergent – even smoke alarms!

Dalton McGuinty and Stewardship Ontario, the secretive government agency that will levy and collect this new tax, gave Ontario families no warning about it beforehand. Worse, we’ve learned that Stewardship Ontario has instructed retailers to hide the tax in the product price so that “the consumer is none the wiser.”

Sneaky new taxes. No accountability. All on the heels of the HST.

No wonder Ontario families are outraged.

Everyone agrees that we must take action to protect our environment. But the new eco-tax has absolutely nothing to do with the environment. It’s just another shameless McGuinty tax grab, pure and simple.

Eight years ago, Dalton McGuinty went on TV and promised that he wouldn’t raise our taxes. Yet within months, he slapped us with the Health Tax – the biggest tax hike in Ontario’s history.

And he didn’t stop there.

He has increased the price of electricity. Of water. Of dispensing fees for everyday prescription drugs. And let’s not forget his HST, which has increased the price of everything from gasoline to funerals.

Although they may make sense to Dalton McGuinty, these tax hikes will take billions out of the pockets of families already struggling through the worst job market in decades.


That is just plain wrong.

To fight the eco-tax, we need your help. Your special donation of $25 – or whatever you can afford – will help us tell Ontarians about this tax and put pressure on Dalton McGuinty to scrap it. And, it will help the PC Party of Ontario prepare to defeat Dalton McGuinty in the next election.

Can you help us today? You can click here or click on the button above to “scrap McGuinty”.

With your support, we can stop this McGuinty tax grab.

Thank you,

Tim Hudak, MPP

Leader, Ontario PC Party

P.S. With your special support of $25 today we can send the Liberals a message they can’t ignore. Only the Ontario PC Party will stop McGuinty’s massive tax grabs and get Ontario back on track.

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