Wateroo Regional Police Service Incident Report might help you from making a house-buying mistake.

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I was talking with a homeowner last week. There is a bus stop in front of her house and her pre-teen kids have lost a couple of bicycles over the past couple of years. She says the summers are much worse than the winters for people taking things out of her yard, garage and the family’s two cars. She said the family has learned to keep the garage door closed at night and the car doors locked, windows up.

About ten years ago, one afternoon in October, our townhouse door was kicked in. Thieves took a bunch of random stuff. (We’d sold everything when we’d left Taiwan so there wasn’t much to take.) The thieves were probably only in the house less than ten minutes. That’s what the policeman said. He also said, “Statistically, you will be broken into twice, you have one more to go.” Thanks for that. Maybe that’s why I pay attention to the Wateroo Regional Police Service Incident Report. Some streets come up again and again and some never come up.

If you’re buying a house and you’re not so sure of the neighborhood, just keep your eye on this site (link below) for a few weeks. If your street comes up, don’t buy the house.


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