Video – Why you should get an agent to help you buy your next house.

buyer agent keith marshallIf you’re buying a house you should have an agent. Your agent will serve and protect you. We get between you and the listing agent and save you from high-pressure tactics, misleading information; offer good and unbiased advice, and negotiate price and dates and, and, and…

Here’s a question, if the seller is paying the listing agent, is he working for you or the seller? Who did he meet first? What is he trying to accomplish? How much has he got riding on this particular sale?

This video talks about what you get when working with a “buyer agent” (a lot) and what you pay for (nothing). If you’re looking for a house, go out and find yourself an agent who wants to help you. It might be me. It might be someone else. By going it alone, you are gaining nothing and opening yourself to a world of hurt.

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