Three reasons not to buy a former grow-op.

marijuana leafHouses that have been used for marijuana growing operation (grow-ops) are stigmatized. They may (or may not) look like a bargain but they come with a lot of risk.

Realtors will disclose that the house was once a grow-op. We have to. It’s the law.  We are dealing with your most valuable asset. We are a highly regulated industry. Private sellers may not be aware of this disclosure requirement. They may operate on a “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy. If the grow-op was not busted, the house seller or the former owner could have cleaned the house up and resold it and no one would be the wiser.

The hazards of buying a former grow-op are:

Former “associates” may not know of the sale. You don’t want druggies, buyers, pushers and other assorted riffraff knocking at your door at all hours of the day or night looking to score some BC Bud or Maui Wowie. That would be a real bummer.

The electrical system was once bypassed or otherwise tampered with. The circuits were overloaded. The electrical system may be unsafe. Foundation walls may have been bored through to access the hydro supply.

Mould will certainly be an issue. The heat and humidity needed inside a house to run a successful grow op feels like Bangkok in the rainy season. There will be mould in the walls, floors and drywall. There will be moisture in the fixtures, wood and hvac system. Mould will make you sick.

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