Guelph to get the Region of Waterloo’s stinky sludge.

Instead of building a $30 million plant in the region to handle our organic waste, the Region of Waterloo has decided to send it to Guelph at a cost of only $2.3 million a year. Councilors are expected to pass the plan today.

There are two things here that give me trouble:

One is that they are calling this a long-term plan. If we are thinking in the long term, wouldn’t it be better to build the plant ourselves. After 13 years we would be even moneywise (13 x 2.3M = 29.9M). After 13 years of processing our organic waste ourselves, it all turns to gravy.

I know, there are the costs of running the plant, so it would take more than 13 years to break even. But what about the job created in the building of the plant and the ongoing employment at the plant. That’s keeping money in the region.

The second thing that gives me trouble about this plan is that Guelph used to have a facility something like this that had to get shut down. Was it the smell? Was it the wear and tear? I can’t remember, but the fact is having it outside the region means we have no control over it. What if it shuts down? Where will we send our organics then? And at what cost?

The best solution, in my opinion, is backyard composting. Its good for the garden and mine kept a little mouse alive (and fat) all last winter.

I called him Gerald.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    The Region of Waterloo will pay $2.3 million annually for 20,000 tonnes. The City of Guelph will pay $2.6 million for 10,000 tonnes. All for 20 years.

    Which deal do you want?

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