Bottleneck on Weber Street Kitchener to be widened

When I’m crossing town from north to south (I believe), I take Weber Street much of the time. A lot of people do. What choice do we have and still stay in the inner city. We can’t take King Street. It’s crowded and slow from University Ave. to Cedar. Not Margaret Street. It’s too short and doesn’t go very far. Park street is good and sometime scenic. However there is currently construction behind the Grand River Hospital, so it’s closed to all regular traffic.
I was very happy to here about the plan to widen out the bottleneck and maybe put an underpass under the train track on Weber, north of Victoria. A cost of $39 Million seems a little high for three or five blocks, but I guess there are houses to be moved and underpasses can’t be cheap. Actually, I wonder why we haven’t done this sooner?

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