12 years in the tropics and a “pinhole” leak

I’m the guy who had to take a hairdryer to my windshield wiper fluid container, under the hood, as I had filled it from the garden hose during the summer.

I’m the guy who was having trouble with his under the sink water purifier unit, so I took it out and forgot it in the car overnight. The water froze. The casings cracked and I had to buy a whole new unit.

I’m such a dummy.

I lived in the tropics for 12 years. That’s my excuse.

The house I helped negotiate the sale for yesterday had a water problem that was very likely the result of the owner turning the heat off during the winter and the pipes freezing. It turned out to be a costly mistake, even more than my drinking water unit I’m sorry to say.

Sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked; we have such busy lives.

This is not the result of a “little pinhole leak under the vanity”, as it was first described to me on the telephone.

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