Do you know if your new neighbors own a rake?

Good fences make good neighbors

This is an email exchange between me and a future client.

Dan:   I see the house next door sold. Any details?
Keith: Sold for $307,900  (it had had a price drop to $319,9000 a little while ago)
Dan:   Thanks. Can you tell me who bought it?
Keith:  No. But you’ll find out soon. 
Dan:   Do they own and use a rake?
Keith:  You’re funny!

What happens is, when we have a new house for sale, I like to canvas the neighborhood to inform the neighbors that it is for sale (in case they miss the sign on the front lawn, invite them to an open house, ask if they know anyone, a sister, a friend, an elderly parent that might be thinking about moving into the neighborhood. What I’m doing is helping them, or at least giving them a chance to choose their new neighbor.

It sounds funny, but often, more often than you’d think, it does lead to interest and sometimes a sale.

It’s not about me. But I have to say that I like building happy neighborhoods. It’s not about me. But I enjoy the people I meet. Like a quick email exchange above, we shared some information and had a smile.
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